Financial Coaching for Every Day Life

My Story and Vision

When I went off to college at 17, I didn’t know about money–it wasn’t something taught in my school or family. I just did my best to pay bills and survive. Like so many people, I made a lot of mistakes, racking up tons of credit card debt and leaving grad school with a hefty student loan balance. I earned my Masters in Education and learned how to teach, but even in my grad school program, the basics of financial management were never part of the curriculum.

Fast forward a few years and, as a new mother with a single income, I found myself living paycheck to paycheck. I decided I needed to learn how money worked. I already had good credit because I paid bills on time, but I knew I had to become money smart if I was going to be able to teach my son how money worked and to make smart financial choices by the time he left the nest. I didn’t think public school would teach him what he needed to know, so I was determined to learn and teach in turn.

I spent several years with my nose in finance books and articles, and I started making small adjustments to my finances. I learned how to pay off credit cards, use the perks, and avoid the finance charges. I set aside money for traveling, an emergency fund, and college money for my son. As my small changes started to have big results, my passion for learning how money works–and for making money work for me–grew. I was able to start traveling frequently to places I had dreamed of but previously couldn’t afford, I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, and I no longer had credit card debt.

Now married with a beautiful baby girl in our family, I’m living my best life, financially secure, and hoping to share my expertise with others.

Having money work for you and help you achieve your goals is an awesome feeling–I want to share what I’ve learned so that others can enjoy financial freedom and remove the stress, discomfort, and fear in their relationship with money. Financial coaching allows me to teach others what I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) about budgeting, credit cards, and other money basics so they too can have money work for them.

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